www/contrib/timer/timer.h File Reference

#include <sys/time.h>
#include <sys/resource.h>

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Data Structures

struct  it_timer_t


it_timer_ttimer_new ()
void timer_rtz (it_timer_t *timer)
void timer_free (it_timer_t *timer)
void timer_on (it_timer_t *timer)
void timer_off (it_timer_t *timer)
double timer_wall (it_timer_t *timer)
double timer_user (it_timer_t *timer)
double timer_system (it_timer_t *timer)
double timer_cpu (it_timer_t *timer)

Function Documentation

double timer_cpu ( it_timer_t timer  ) 

void timer_free ( it_timer_t timer  ) 

it_timer_t* timer_new (  ) 

void timer_off ( it_timer_t timer  ) 

void timer_on ( it_timer_t timer  ) 

void timer_rtz ( it_timer_t timer  ) 

double timer_system ( it_timer_t timer  ) 

double timer_user ( it_timer_t timer  ) 

double timer_wall ( it_timer_t timer  ) 

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