src/linalg.c File Reference

#include <it/linalg.h>
#include <it/mat.h>
#include <it/vec.h>

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static void ccdiv (double xr, double xi, double yr, double yi, double *cdivr, double *cdivi)
static double maxx (double a, double b)
int mat_is_symmetric (mat a)
vec mat_svd (mat M, mat U, mat V)
int mat_rank (mat a)
double mat_cond (mat a)
double mat_norm2 (mat a)
static mat mat_tridiag (vec e, vec d, mat evec)
static vec mat_tridiag_ql (vec e, vec d, mat evec)
mat mat_hessenberg (mat a, mat V)
static cvec mat_h2rs (mat H, mat evec)
vec mat_eig_sym (mat a, mat evec)
cvec mat_eig (mat a, cmat evec)
mat mat_real_schur (mat a)
double mat_lu (mat a, ivec piv)
double mat_det (mat a)
vec mat_solve_vec (mat A, vec b)
mat mat_solve_mat (mat A, mat B)
static mat mat_inv_direct (mat A)
vec mat_qr (mat A)
mat mat_ls (mat A, mat B)
void mat_gs (mat A)
void mat_cholesky (mat a)
mat mat_inv (mat m)
mat mat_new_inv (mat m)
cmat cmat_inv (cmat m)
cmat cmat_new_inv (cmat m)

Function Documentation

static void ccdiv ( double  xr,
double  xi,
double  yr,
double  yi,
double *  cdivr,
double *  cdivi 
) [static]

Definition at line 40 of file linalg.c.

Referenced by mat_h2rs().

cmat cmat_new_inv ( cmat  m  ) 

Definition at line 2122 of file linalg.c.

References cmat_clone(), and cmat_inv().

cvec mat_eig ( mat  a,
cmat  evec 

static cvec mat_h2rs ( mat  H,
mat  evec 
) [static]

static mat mat_inv_direct ( mat  A  )  [static]

Definition at line 1844 of file linalg.c.

References it_assert, mat_delete(), mat_eye(), mat_height(), mat_new_zeros(), mat_solve_mat(), and mat_width().

Referenced by mat_inv(), and mat_new_inv().

static mat mat_tridiag ( vec  e,
vec  d,
mat  evec 
) [static]

Definition at line 632 of file linalg.c.

References it_assert, mat_height(), mat_width(), scale, and vec_zeros().

Referenced by mat_eig_sym().

static vec mat_tridiag_ql ( vec  e,
vec  d,
mat  evec 
) [static]

Definition at line 756 of file linalg.c.

References mat_height().

Referenced by mat_eig_sym().

static double maxx ( double  a,
double  b 
) [static]

Definition at line 60 of file linalg.c.

Referenced by mat_svd().

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