include/it/transform2D.h File Reference

#include <it/types.h>
#include <it/mat.h>

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Data Structures

struct  _it_transform2D_


#define IT_TRANSFORM2D(x)   IT_CAST(it_transform2D_t, x)
#define it_transform2D(t, image)   __it_transform2D(IT_TRANSFORM2D(t), (Mat) image)
#define it_itransform2D(t, image)   __it_itransform2D(IT_TRANSFORM2D(t), (Mat) image)
#define it_transform2D_get_output_size(t, w, h)   __it_transform2D_get_output_size(IT_TRANSFORM2D(t, w, h))
#define it_transform2D_set_size(t, w, h)   __it_transform2D_set_size(IT_TRANSFORM2D(t), w, h)
#define it_transform2D_get_size(t, w, h)   __it_transform_get_size(IT_TRANSFORM2D(t), l)
#define it_transform2D_clear_size(t)   it_transform2D_set_size(t, 0, 0)


typedef struct _it_transform2D_ it_transform2D_t


static it_instanciate (it_transform2D_t)
static Mat __it_transform2D (it_transform2D_t *t, Mat image)
static Mat __it_itransform2D (it_transform2D_t *t, Mat image)
static void __it_transform2D_get_output_size (it_transform2D_t *t, idx_t *w, idx_t *h)
static void __it_transform2D_set_size (it_transform2D_t *t, idx_t w, idx_t h)
static void __it_transform2D_get_size (it_transform2D_t *t, idx_t *w, idx_t *h)

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