include/it/random.h File Reference

#include <it/vec.h>
#include <it/mat.h>

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void mt19937_srand (unsigned int seed)
void mt19937_srand_by_array (unsigned int init_key[], unsigned int key_length)
unsigned int mt19937_rand_int32 (void)
int mt19937_rand_int31 (void)
double mt19937_rand_real1 (void)
double mt19937_rand_real2 (void)
double mt19937_rand_real3 (void)
double mt19937_rand_res53 (void)
void it_randomize (void)
void it_seed (int seed)
double it_rand (void)
double it_randn (void)
double it_randpdf (double a, double b, it_function_t pdf, it_args_t args)
int it_rand_memoryless (vec pdf)

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