include/it/poly.h File Reference

#include <it/types.h>
#include <it/vec.h>
#include <it/mat.h>

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#define poly_deg(p)   (vec_length(p) - 1)
#define poly_ediv(a, b, _q)   lpoly_ediv(a, b, 0, _q)


typedef vec ** pmat
typedef vecpvec


static pmat pmat_new (int W, int H)
static void pmat_delete (pmat m)
static pvec pvec_new (int N)
static void pvec_delete (pvec v)
 it_function_args (itf_polynomial)
void poly_normalize (vec v)
 remove null factors from the polynomial
int poly_is_null (vec v)
static double poly_eval (vec v, double x)
void poly_shift (vec v, int shift)
vec poly_add (vec a, vec b)
vec poly_sub (vec a, vec b)
static vec poly_mul (vec a, vec b)
vec lpoly_ediv (vec _a, vec _b, int deg_x, vec *_q)
static vec poly_div (vec a, vec b)
static vec poly_mod (vec a, vec b)
vec poly_gcd (vec a, vec b)


it_function_t itf_polynomial

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