Information Theory and Signal Processing Library



libit provides easy to use yet efficient tools related to information theory and signal processing. It includes basic vector, matrix and function types, some common source, channel coding and signal processing tools such as quantization, entropy coding, modulation, error correcting codes, wavelets, etc...

This project was started in January 2005. This site and the library are currently under heavy development. We are currently busy documenting the various tools provided in the first release.


Some sample programs provided with libit (also used for tests of regression):

test_vec.c Vectors

test_mat.c Matrices

test_linalg.c Linear Algebra

test_cplx.c Complex numbers

test_io.c Input/Output

test_parser.c Parser

test_distance.c Distance functions

test_source.c Source generation

test_math.c Mathematical functions

test_random.c Random numbers

test_filter.c Filters

test_fourier.c Fourrier transform

test_wavelet.c Wavelet transforms

test_cc.c Convolutional codes

test_ac.c Arithmetic coder

test_vlc.c Variable length codes

test_poly.c Polynomials

test_quantizer.c Quantization

test_pnm.c PNM Images

test_wav.c Sound reading and writing

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